Positive Discipline

Postive Discipline

Positive Discipline is a program designed by Jane Nelsen (2000) to develop mutual respect, cooperation, and responsibility in children and adolescents. When students work with adults and other students to solve problems that are of real and practical concern, they learn to appreciate each other, to understand and respect differences, and to develop social interests by helping each other.

Positive Discipline empowers young people with courage, confidence, and life skills. It is based on the following perceptions and skills:

  • I am capable.

  • I am significant and needed.

  • I have influence.

  • Intrapersonal skills (examining feelings and actions)

  • Interpersonal skills (sharing, listening, empathizing, cooperating, negotiating, resolving conflict)

  • Systemic skills (analyze events, identify consequences, practice responsible choices)

  • Judgmental skills (practice, make mistakes, learn, try again)

For more information, visit www.positivediscipline.com.

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