Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission of Discovery School

In addition to supporting the mission of the Lancaster County School District, Discovery School of Lancaster County provides services to a diverse population of students in a unique learning environment with special emphasis on academic innovation and flexibility while encouraging students to excel in one or more areas of intelligence and promoting professional development opportunities for educators throughout the district.

Vision of Discovery School

We envision students who…

  • are engaged and enthusiastic about the unique learning activities that are provided

  • know they are valued

  • make choices, as appropriate, about learning based upon interests

  • have personal goals for the future that are fostered and refined

We envision a school where…

  • the environment is student centered

  • there is an inviting, positive atmosphere where students take responsibility for their own behavior

  • students, parents, teachers, and community members take an active role in the learning process

  • students’ strengths and interests are discovered and nurtured through a variety of learning and teaching styles with abundant opportunities to develop the multiple intelligences

  • teamwork among students and teachers is evident and applied

  • visual and performing arts inspire complex understanding of difficult concepts

  • an atmosphere of innovation, creativity, and flexibility allows teachers to take responsible risks

  • appropriate and sufficient resources will be available

  • flexible teaching stimulates student participation in multiple areas of intelligence

  • dedicated and well-trained personnel assist students and fellow teachers in developing their talents

  • the benefits and experience gained from past, current, and future program implementation is exported to other district schools through training services and development seminars

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